As much as I admire those with a meticulous beauty regime, I have to admit… I’m the perfect combination of super lazy with a terrible commitment rating. 

A few years ago when I was in America I went to Sephora for the very first time and was so overwhelmed by the choice of products. Amongst a group of 4 girlfriends I went absolutely crazy buying all kinds of blushes, eyeshadows, creams, potions, lotions… you name it. Then when I came back to Australia this obsession continued and all of a sudden I had a drawer full of products and yet I found myself using the same small selection every day.

Over the past year or so I have managed to tame my wild ways and trim back my expanding assortment of concoctions to a simplified routine. So whilst I still don’t mind dropping a bit of coin on quality over a vast quantity of products I now know what I am looking for to get the best products that make me and my skin feel in top form.

Natural is key – I’m talking aesthetic wise and also in terms of ingredients. Whilst I’m not perfect, I still have a penchant for NARS (and pretty much anything in ultra sleek packaging) I try as much as possible to steer my selections to products with a small list of ingredients and an emphasis on natural properties.

Skincare is a department I am most meticulous about sourcing naturally. Grown Alchemist has been a strong contender for me for quite some time now. If you ask me they’ve nailed it in this category with their effective yet gentle formulas, understated packaging and botanical scents. I use everything from their Toner, Cleanser, Eye cream and Night cream and will continue to buy based on the fact that they work really well for my skin and let’s face it look great in my bathroom!

The other natural products I continuously reach for are dual purposed for their skin properties but also relaxation benefits. When I find myself more stressed out than Monica from Friends in a messy apartment I love using beautifully scented products especially those with essential oils to lift my mood and alleviate some of the tension. The Seeke’s Calm it Down Temple oil is my absolute favourite scent of any product I have ever smelt (big claim I know, but if they made this into a perfume I would buy them out completely). With a slightly minty undertone it feels quite refreshing yet the action of applying it to my temples and just behind my ears is soothing in itself. And if I’ve had a long stress-filled day, nothing is a better cure than a nice hot shower then applying a body oil with essential oils. I picked up this basic Macadamia oil with Lavender at my local chemist for under $10 and it does the job perfectly.

Whilst I loosen the reigns when it comes to finding completely “all – natural” makeup I do still try and stick to an overall natural philosophy in the way I apply it. I’ve just never thought I look right with lots or powder-ey makeup on. Even before the glowy look became on trend I remember when I was a teenager applying my makeup at least a half an hour before I went out so that it would sink into my skin and look more dewy, less cake face. Now whilst I have now advanced my skills a bit and realize that this can be achieved through better application and product selection I try and go for a minimal, dewy look.

My aim is to mostly clear the complexion, and bronze up my native Melbournian skin to create warmth. Creamy products are my favourite day to day, I swear by my RMS Un-Cover-Up concealer and a cream bronzer like my Clinique Chubby stick or Chanel Soleil Tan. A super light dusting of mineral powder by MAC keeps things in place all day and fooling everyone that I’m as bronzed as Gigi after a week in St Tropez (Not quite… I wish!).


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As most creatives do, I live in constant observation. A constant craving for knowledge and inspiration feeds new ideas and in my opinion those that are most alert to the world around them make the most inventive creators. 

One of my favourite memories from growing up was when my dad and I were waiting outside a bookshop and he taught me a game. He said for every person that walks past we’re going to write their story. In that moment he taught me the power of observation and how to make something of it albeit as simple as a story. I still think of this often, and even play another game or two. And I think the reason it has stuck with me is not only that I enjoyed the creative process of making something of what I saw, it struck a chord with the urge inside of me to learn from others behaviours.

Cut to more recent times and I still love sponging up stories about other people. Thank goodness I live in the age of social media, where millions of stories are literally at the touch of a button  (or touchscreen). But even before this became an influence books and magazines were always my source feeding my craving for inspiration. Recently I have tried to go back to these, as sometimes I feel like social media moves at such a pace that it’s almost like the fast-food version of inspiration. Fads come and go at the speed of lightning and the next big “thing” is superseded before it even really begins. Where as books (or at least the best ones) get printed and reprinted, edition after edition. And for me, magazines don’t just get tossed after each new release, I have always taken cuttings and held onto the articles and imagery that spoke to me.

This month I came across Unconditional magazine and I know that this is one of the magazines that I will hold onto for years to come. Even from my first read of the editors letter by Alexandra Nataf I felt it speak to me and the frame of mind I’m in at the moment. This copy (Issue 4) is based around the idea of the classics, or ‘slow fashion’. The pages are filled with simple imagery celebrating natural beauty and eternal style, two theories in which I am trying to live by.

And the second source of inspiration for this month is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. In a way it brings me back to that moment with my dad, the general sentiment to this book  is to bring your mind back into a state of awareness and observation. With so many things going on around us, the stresses of life and countless sources of stimulation it is actually harder to be conscious than what Tolle defines as “unconscious” – in his words defined as being outside of the present, whether that be stuck in the past, worried about the future or   falling victim to the ego or emotion lead mind. I am only half way through this one but each page has that ‘aha’ moment- mindfulness is such a simple concept yet the modern mind seems to fight it so much. Tolle knew this way before it became the buzzword it is today, it is actually quite hard to believe he penned it way back in 1948 when it seems so relevant to today’s modern lifestyle.

 Whilst these are the sources currently feeding my creativity I’m always on the hunt for more. If you have any recommendations I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


As the cool winter air breezes through Sydney I can certainly feel my taste moving to a warmer, moodier palette. Recently I’ve been moving away from a purely monochrome aesthetic and appreciating nostalgic caramel like hues alongside my basic black and white default. I love a natural ease, and this warming hue adds that iconic retro vibe that never seems to date.

I’m all about everlasting style. Trends come and go but some looks never date, and a wardrobe full of classics is a far better investment than fast fashion. Becoming more conscious about investing smarter is at the forefront of my mind at the moment from a financial and environmental point of view. Investing in quality pieces that you adore rather than a vast quantity of pieces that you can easily regret fosters a more sustainable wardrobe in every sense.

The French seem to have had this down for years, and their adopted Jane Birken is my style icon of late. Style should have a natural ease, after all it is a reflection of one’s own personality and that should not be forced. I do lean towards quite a relaxed aesthetic. Whilst I truly appreciate good tailoring and quite architectural structured pieces, I always prefer to wear fewer items at any given time and let them speak for themselves. I just came across Interval the label who embody this for me, overall quite minimal designs but contemporary shapes and forms.

Another brand that I have always been a huge fan of is Lack of Color, an Australian hat company (gotta love local) famous for their ever-cool felt and straw hat collection. Their last campaign, ‘A French Love story” is so reflective of my aesthetic right now. A creamy, neutral palette gives the shoot a nostalgic aura, and classic styling embodies French girl chic. A bit of silk here, a band tee there, a flash of a fur coat. There’s not a single piece featured that I wouldn’t want in my wardrobe.

These are just a few of the things floating around in my little head at the moment. I’ve been feeling like I would like to be a bit more open on this platform and make it a bit more personal. I’d like to share a bit more about what I’m doing and where my inspiration is coming from. You may already have seen via Instagram I have recently been contributing to The Vault Online, a Sydney blog and style guide whom I have admired for years. This has been a very exciting opportunity and I am very much enjoying working with the girls there, go and check them out if you get a chance!

Anyway, The Eve came from a place to express my own creative interests so I think now more than ever it needs to have more ‘me’ in it. I have some excited changes in the works in the next few weeks and I am very much looking forward to sharing the next steps here.

Any-hoo…. Word-vomit over. Thanks for listening and hope to see you back here soon!

Images in collage sourced from: Fashion Gone Rouge Tumblr, Shot From the Street, Lack of Color, Interval,  In Bed Store Journal and Pinterest



In terms of style, classic staples are what I chose to build my wardrobe on. I strongly believe it is much smarter to invest in quality pieces that have longevity than passing trends and always favour style that has a certain element of ease to it. Although I am always drawn to unique materials, texture or suble pattern that puts a unique spin on a classic piece which is why this season I am loving the trend emerging for statement pants. The new twists on classic cuts like denim and coulottes are an effortless way of mixing up basic pieces in your wardrobe and injecting a bit of your own personal style. These are three ways I’ll be styling this trend this Winter.

D A Y  /  D E N I M

Deconstructed denim emerged late last Winter and has really established itself this season. Most stores are reinterpreting the original Balmain concept which featured patchwork, dual tone denim and raw cut-off hems. Whilst I love wearing these at any occasion – nothing to me says cool girl chic more than worn in denim, hands down the easiest way to wear these is in a daytime casual setting. The perfect update to a cozy knit, basic tee and sneakers, the detail in the denim gives this look a point of difference with minimal fuss.

W O R K  /  P R I N T

It can be one of the toughest style juggling acts balancing work appropriate conservativeness and maintaining personal flair. For me, a patterned pant is the fast track to both. Paired here with the ever classic crisp white shirt, a subtle stripe to this straight leg cut is the perfect elevation of the stock standard shirt and pant attire. Add a statement earring and contemporary flats and the look now has character, all that needs to be done is mix these final elements up- add a boot in place of the flat or neck scarf rather than earrings and you have a totally different look.

N I G H T  /  C O U L O T T E

It always seems to be the way that our first instinct is to reach for a skirt when it comes to nighttime events but a dramatic pant is fast becoming a favourite of mine. The key for me is luxe fabrics as overall they will create a nicer shape and ensures that you will avoid looking too casual. Favouring a soft, draped fabric I’ve paired with a flared sleeve black top that also features the same aesthetic. Then to compliment a tie up, tassel style heel adds detail but also fits this boho-influenced contemporary look. The idea of these fabrics floating in the evening light as you move is the picture of elegance to me- style should always feel effortless and by choosing pieces that create drama yet are comfortable you are sure to achieve this.


Country Road Home has been a bit of an old-faithful for me when I’m looking for easy, on design forward homewares basics. I love how the company so perfectly embodies Australian design- contemporary classics with a real dedication to the beauty in simplicity. They are a prime example of the casual approach to style  that Australians are so famous for.

I recently became mesmerised by their unique Winter 17 range launch in which they occupied a homestead in Gordon’s Bay and dressed it entirely in their winter collection. They then invited a group of influencers and industry over to experience and document the inhabitation.

I’m completely fascinated by brands who think of creative campaigns that allow you to really inhabit the brand, and immerse yourself in a physical experience in which you are able to interact with the product uniquely. In a world where we now experience product more and more often via digital or print mediums, I think real life experiences such as this event by Country Road require such creativity to construct but allow the product to be viewed within an environment that embodies the brand.

With that said, here are my top picks from the winter collection.


Bade soap pump $39.95 & Tolve Bath Sheet in Bone $59.95

Whilst I am all for clean lines and neutrals, I wouldn’t say that my aesthetic identifies with that of minimalist. I love to play with texture and material to give depth and  interest with layering. These two pieces sit perfectly with my style ethos- beautiful, simplistic basics but with a twist. The speckled ceramic of the soap pump provides a unique contrast against the matt black hardware and slight geo rib throughout the towel is a subtle introduction of pattern to your bathroom.


Mem Mugs set of 2 $24.95 & Lyra Queen Quilt Cover $249.00

If there’s one homewares item that I am particularly… well, particular about it’s mugs. I’ll have none of those teeny delicate teacups, I need a substantial size and the kind of shape that you can almost hug as you curl up in bed on a slow Saturday morning. These Mem mugs are ideal. A lovely curved shape, nice thick ceramic and just the right size for a cuppa you can sip and savour nearly into midday. Pair this with cozy linen layers such as the Lyra textured quilt cover and you have the perfect setting is set for a lazy winter morning lie-in.


A2 Blok Poster $39.95  & Deni Tray $69.95

Bold monochrome artwork is my jam. I can see the simplistic shapes of the Blok poster would look great in a single frame leaning up against a wall pared with a vase of green foliage to soften it or amongst a frame collage with a collection of photographs and typography prints. Another statement piece of mine that I love pairing with bold monochrome statements  like this is metallics. It’s funny when it comes to jewellery I’ve always been a silver girl but for the home a little bit of the midas touch is what I’m after. This tray would be perfect in my bedroom or bathroom as a stylish storage spot for jewellery or perfumes.


Piper cushion $79.95 & Kub Vases from $69.95

Throw cushions are my vice. I have far too many but it’s an addiction I refuse to give up because they’re such an easy way of updating a bedroom or living room. I’m always on the lookout for ones that have a good combination of texture and statement print like this Piper cushion. Whilst somewhat of a geo-block print I like how the textured wool gives it an organic element and softens the look. For the same reason I am drawn to the Kub Vase range- the perfectionist in me loves the stark structure to these but I like how the raw woodgrain lends a certain softness.

All images from Country Road & Instagram


If there is one thing that long weekends are perfect for, it’s road trips. So last Sunday we decided to make the most of the perfect sunny Easter weekend in Sydney and head for the Blue Mountains for an overnight escape.

Leaving Sydney on Sunday afternoon we drove towards Murphy’s Glen where we set up camp for the night. No frills or fancy hotel rooms for this trip. There’s just nothing quite like setting up your own campsite in a beautiful bush setting and sitting back to enjoy the peacefulness of raw nature. Although, this girl still likes to bring along a few creature comforts- BYO wine and cheese were the perfect accompaniment as we curled up next to our little camp fire and the sun set around us, painting the sky with a beautiful milky pink haze.

The next morning we woke as the sunlight crept through the trees and watched the galahs fly amongst the treetops while we ate a few leftover hot cross buns in our sleeping bags (…does that still count as breakfast in bed?!). Then after packing up we headed towards Katoomba for a heartier breakfast. We settled on Clean Slate café in the main street which had the perfect big breakfasts to fuel a big day of exploring, vego for me, the lot for him.

Now that we were all ready to go, we stopped briefly at the Three Sisters lookout to tick that off the tourist checklist (as did a lot of other people that day!) then headed to the main event… our hike to Wentworth Waterfalls. You can follow a direct track from the main road but we parked further back to explore a bit more of the surrounding bushland. This was quite nice because we got to wander through a few of the quieter tracks as when you get closer to the falls it got quite busy. Nonetheless the falls were breathtaking. Depending on the route you take you can walk down alongside the waterfall to the base… a steep climb but the view looking up at the water cascading off the rocks is absolutely majestic.


After seeing the falls we backtracked and made the round trip in about 3 hours before setting off for the drive home. It had been a quick trip but well worth it for our first glimpse of the Blue Mountains.

It’s hard believe that such a short trip out of Sydney is such a raw natural wonder. If anything that’s my favourite part about Australia and in particular Sydney, you can be in urban mecca one minute and a moment later you can be standing on a beach or in the forest basking in the sheer beauty of nature. I feel most at home between the two environments so I feel very lucky to live in a place that allows me to experience the contrast of both.


May your Easter be filled with bunnies, buns and loved ones. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and a blissful long weekend. I hope you are enjoying the time with those dear to you to unwind or find adventure.


No room is complete without artwork. Think of it like accessorising, without it you have a basic outfit but no outfit is quite the same without those last few touches to give it character. And like style, always be sure to chose pieces that are true to your taste, after all your space should always reflect your personality.

Here are a couple of quick cheats for creating unique artwork on the cheap.



If big and bold are what you’re after there are now a number of Etsy stores that sell digital print files that you can then scale to the size you need like this New York print I recently added to my Bedroom. Most print files cost less than $10, then of course the cost of printing will depend on what your local printer charges. Any basic frame from Kmart or Ikea are perfect to display them and won’t break the bank, giving you a framed large scale artwork for under $50.

Another method I’ve been using for years is simply getting magazine clippings and arranging them in a frame collage. Pull out anything that inspires you, I tend to get a combination of fashion, quotes, unique photography and landscapes. The Collective magazine is my favourite to pull from with their artist’s contributions each month, which often feature lettering or photography.

To make the overall look cohesive try to keep all of the images in tone with one another so that the colour palette reads as one. Then use a variety of different frame sizes, either all in the same colour or mix in timbers or other colours such as black as I have done, this will create further interest.


Images: own photography & Pinterest


No-brainers. Every wardrobe needs them.

I’m all for ease when it comes to style. I’d much rather feel comfortable and confident than over styled so I like to rely on simple pieces with character and let them speak for themselves.

This Nice Martin dress has been a staple all summer but with the cooler weather looming I’ll be layering it over longer sleeves to carry it through into the new season. A flared sleeve is a great way of doing this whilst giving a nod to  this year’s statement sleeve trend. And for that casual cool, these Superga sneakers add a laid-back edge to the look. Complete with your signature scent and you’re good to go.


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